Weddings in the time of Corona

Weddings in the COVID riddled world would see a dramatic change. Weddings would now follow new formats with health and safety guidelines in mind. The COVID 19 pandemic has made people rethink huge crowds and move towards considering intimate and smaller crowds. Internet weddings have also become during the lockdown.

The Knot WorldWide had conducted a survey with over 200 people to understand the impact of COVID on the wedding market. They found that most couples have not cancelled their weddings, 92% globally and 82% in India. The rest have either rescheduled for later this year or for 2021. 73% of the couples in India and 87% globally do not plan to reduce their overall guest count. 90% globally and 87% in India are not going to lower their budget.

They have also released a set of trends that have taken over the wedding market in 2020. From mini-ceremonies to venue preferences, they have found different and new trends that are making the rounds in the market.

A few trends that they enlisted are:

  1. Health and Safety Measures: Many couples have installed Sanitisation fans like the mist fans to make sure guests are sanitised without manual labour.
  2. Guests in Shifts: The guest lists have taken a new turn. Couples are now inviting guests in shifts to attend ceremonies to avoid huge crowds while still having all of their loved and important ones at all of their ceremonies.
  3. Moving away from “Good dates”: Couples are moving away from good and auspicious dates and finalizing their wedding date according to the availability of venues and other vendors.
  4. Rise of Minimonies: A name coined by The Knot WorldWide, minimonies are mini-ceremonies. These are ceremonies on pre-planned dates with an intimate gathering followed by a larger celebration later.
  5. Food and Beverages: People are shying away from buffets and opting for a sit-down plated meals to avoid long queues and large crowds in close distances from each other.
  6. Venue preferences: Open air venues would see themselves in demand rather than indoor venues. This makes sure that the guests don’t feel at high risk of COVID in a confined, air-conditioned place.
  7. Hair and Makeup: The focus will turn to the eyes and hair of the couple since they might be asked to wear a mask. There will also be a high focus on sanitization, most of the products might be disposable.